Webster Technique

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Here at Thompson Family Chiropractic we love serving women before, during, and after pregnancy.  Dr. Tad is specially trained to create an optimal pregnancy for both mom and baby using Webster technique, a precise chiropractic adjustment used specifically for prenatal chiropractic care.


Drastic changes in the body during pregnancy can cause aches, pain, and discomfort. When the pelvis and sacrum shift out of alignment, it creates tension on the ligaments and nerve supply to the uterus.  With adjustments, we can reduce interference to the nervous system and return the pelvis, sacrum, and uterus to proper alignment. Restoring this balance helps baby assume proper birth position, and provides relief to mom, resulting in an optimal pregnancy and birth experience!


Chiropractic care can help promote regular menstrual cycles and restore proper uterine function. When it comes to infertility, chiropractic care may be the natural solution you have been seeking. Spinal alignment eliminates nerve interference and promotes optimal function pre-conception.

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

  • Decreased need for medical interventions such as C-section or induction

  • More comfortable pregnancy when pelvis and surrounding muscles and ligaments are balanced​ 

  • Shorter labor and delivery with baby in a more natural birth position

  • More space in utero for baby's development

  • Faster postpartum recovery

  • Happy, healthy pregnancy and birth

Prenatal chiropractic care has been shown to decrease common pregnancy symptoms such as...

  • Nausea

  • Round ligament strain

  • Low back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Joint pain​


  • Sciatic nerve pain

  • Symphysis pubis pain

  • Pelvic pain

  • Breeched babies​​

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Post-Partum Chiropractic Care

Newborn Baby

In the following weeks after labor and delivery, the ligaments that loosened during pregnancy begin to tighten again. Some benefits of Post-Partum Chiropractic Care may include:

  • Correcting posture can increase comfort allowing for better sleep.

  • Allow for faster pelvic floor recovery

  • Alleviate sciatic nerve pain

  • Prevent poor posture from looking down at new baby and during feeding.

After giving birth mothers and fathers are looking down at their new baby more often which causes strain on the neck muscles and can cause rounding of the shoulders putting tension on the upper and mid back. As mothers begin nursing their developing newborn babies, it is common for them to develop pain between the shoulder blades, this upper back, and even numbness or tingling down the arms as a result from the nursing position. By seeking care after birth, both parents can aid in the prevention of common symptoms such as back and neck pains. If you are planning to have more children, post-partum chiropractic care is vital to help heal your body properly. Future pregnancies deserve a strong foundation and a healthy start!